Eggs 93: Frank Cottle



This week on Eggs we have founder and CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices, Frank Cottle. A timeless futurist with primary expertise in “The Future Of Work,” Frank is a truly experienced business leader and an engaging speaker who will appeal to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. We had an awesome conversation with him that spanned more than 40 years of expertise on topics like: Working on the move, how flexible workspace plays a crucial role in driving today’s economy, how remote office services help business owners maintain professionalism—even when working from home (or from the beach!)—and how to start a business from anywhere. There is a ton of useful info packed into this hour and you’re going to want to take a listen. Rate, like, share and subscribe anywhere podcasts are found!

Eggs 113: Keegan Hall

Illustrator, Fine Artist and Philanthropist


On this week’s episode of Eggs we have very special guest Keegan Hall. Keegan is a world-class illustrator, fine artist and philanthropist who has raised more than $400,000 for charity with his art. Well known for his Seattle-centric sports art Keegan has also done photorealistic pencil art for numerous well-know musicians, athletes and at least one former president. In addition to his impressive illustrative chops he is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur who only after a successful exit and a personal tragedy found his way back into the art world where he now uses the money generated by his art to support his charitable interests. He’s a really interesting and multifaceted guy and we think you’ll gain a lot from the conversation. Give it a listen—then rate, share, like and subscribe.

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Keegan Hall – Illustrator

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