Cutting it up with world-renowned turntablist DJ Q-Bert

Hey there and welcome back to a very exciting episode of EGGS! Today’s special guest is world-renowned turntablist and DJ, Q-Bert.

Q-Bert, not to be confused with the jumpy orange fellow, is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative turntablists in the world. The San Francisco-born DJ has pioneered several highly complex scratching techniques (including the infamous crab scratch), with a heavy emphasis on rapid, percussive movements as well as conceptual usage of spoken word samples. In addition to proper albums and mixtapes, he’s released countless DJ battle tool records and instructional videos, as well as launching an online DJ school.

Q-Bert is without a doubt an innovator and OG in the space, and to be honest, there are simply too many accolades to list them all here, so let’s just get on with it, shall we? Please join us in welcoming to the show, the incredible, the talented, Q-Bert.